Shining some light on east Sherman



The 1200 block of Sherman Avenue was roped off Friday and Saturday for a huge block party and a minor facelift.

The city of Coeur d’Alene and Cd’A 2030 sponsored PARK(ing) it on Sherman to bring awareness to the revitalization projects they are working on for the east end of Sherman Avenue. Flower boxes were made as well as benches, light posts were painted and a mural was put up by ArtCoLab on the side of the Idaho State Liquor Store.

The party had live music, food, games, the live mural painting and a movie Saturday night.

“We want to get people excited and involved in revitalizing Sherman,” said Hilary Anderson, the Coeur d’Alene city planning director. “We want people to see how much outreach we’re doing with the community and we want to hear their ideas.”

About 300 people attended the party Friday. Saturday, The White House let the party inside its doors due to rain.

“They really came through,” Anderson said. “It was awesome they let us use their space for free.”

A major part of the revitalization project is to help the city install a rectangular rapid flash beacon signalized crosswalk sign at 13th Street and Sherman Ave.

“People are excited about the crossings,” Anderson said. “At the east part of downtown, the speed is faster and traffic is not as focused on pedestrians. This will allow pedestrians to feel safer and parents know their kids will be seen.”

The city is already planning to purchase two to be installed at the intersections of 9th Street and 21st Street.

The city couldn’t afford a third one, but realizes the need for one on 13th Street, so it started a crowdfunding campaign. The goal is to raise enough money within six weeks so the project can be constructed before winter sets in.

Park(ing) it on Sherman was part of a global PARK(ing) Day where parking spaces are turned into public spaces.

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